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i dont wanna make this too personal.. im from the place where space ends and heaven begins.. my post are as random as that last sentence..

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he mustve thought it was floyds birthday hitting him in the arms like that

Lol ^^^^^

He knew it was useless to try to hit Floyd in the head, people rarely hit him cleanly there. One of the most popular theories on how to beat Floyd is to batter his arms round after round after round in hopes that he won’t be able to lift them and defend anymore. 

It totally doesn’t work, but if you’ve been swinging at his head and missing for the entire fight, you eventually just take what you can get. 

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Justice for #trayvonmartin

Ray-Ban’s falling apart n’ shit

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My Boo Chia <333 And Now She has a Twitter :’) @ChiaHabte


Buenos Dias 😘

This is how I feel right now